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   My works are representation of sense of will and its eternity.



   My photographic objects are nature and artifacts that passed through the time. I feel the sense of will and its eternity in nature that breeds life through reincarnation. Artifacts are two poles apart from nature but through the sharing and passing of time with people, I also find sense of will and its eternity in them like a pulse.


[Photographic Style]

   The greatest feature of my work is in its expression of sense of will and eternity in still life or landscape.The object changes its nature by my will and becomes is an independent work as though it emits a pulse.

 As for image creation, in order to convey the theme, I place the object at the center of the frame. And in order to express the lapse of time, I utilize boke made by a bright lens or tilting, or blur made by slow shutter speed and create ambiguous areas behind or around the object. In addition, I adopt the visual effect of shading and lighting to enrich the impression of the object. The prints are finished in platinum palladium printing on traditional Japanese paper or toned gelatin silver printing. Especially works printed on ganpi-shi, a type of traditional Japanese paper, have profound taste of fine arts coming from the glossy nature of the paper itself. Additionally, since the object gets lost and the impression weakens under strong color, my work are done in monotone.


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